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About Me

My name is Kenny Truong and I have been using Ubuntu on my Thinkpad and first started with 7.04. I am a big advocate for Ubuntu and have a passion of making Ubuntu better. I love to twinker and customize Ubuntu to the fullest extent or until I cannot think of anything else. In my spare time, I help repair computers without payment and teach people why Ubuntu can be a better option. When I am bored at home, I try many different Linux ISO and I also hand out countless of them to people who would also like to try them.

Future Plans & Projects

As of right now (2011), I am majoring in Computer Science in UC Irvine. I am in the process of learning different computer languages which I hope I can help make Ubuntu better. I also plan to showcase what Ubuntu can do and spread the word in campus which should get people interested.

Current Project & Goals

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Contributions to the Ubuntu Community

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