Gábor Királyvári (kiri)



Future plans

  • Translate Full Circle Magazine and coordinate translation team as long as possible
  • Enhance activities of FCM Hungary Team by translating articles from Hungarian to English and send them to the editors of FCM for publishing
  • Contribute to translation of Ubuntu releases from English to Hungarian

About myself

I was born in 1980. I got closer to computers when my grandma bought me a C64 in the early 90s as a gift. I'm fond of computers and video games from that time. I graduated in 2004 as a lower primary teacher, however I'm working for an IT company as a TSM administrator. Colleagues advised me to try out Ubuntu in 2006, now this is my one and only OS running on my laptop. Life is easier with open source for me.


László Noficzer (sh4d0w): as Gábor began the translation of Full Circle Magazine more than two years ago and still coordinating not only the translation team but the whole process also, he is an irreplacable member of the Hungarian Ubuntu Community. He does this work continuosly without any doubt but also ready for new ideas if the translation process requires a review; he coordinates the work, but also translating and veting the articles. I recommend him as a Member of Hungarian Ubuntu Community.

Szapper Balázs (blaselinux): Gábor directs the Full Circle Magazin translator work wonderfully and he would like to improve it with a lots of idea. In my opinion his work makes very much profit for the Hungarian Ubuntu Community.

Róbert Fidrich (fidusz): Gábor's work coordinating the Full Circle Magazin Hungarian translation team is a great and wonderful contribution to promoting Ubuntu within the Hungarian speaking communitiy and to help Hungarian Ubuntu Users. I fully recommend him as a Member of Hungarian Ubuntu Community.

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