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=== Visitors ===

Structural Bioinformatics

Structural bioinformatics is the branch of bioinformatics which is related to the analysis and prediction of the three-dimensional structure of biological macromolecules such as proteins, RNA, and DNA. It deals with generalizations about macromolecular 3D structure such as comparisons of overall folds and local motifs, principles of molecular folding, evolution, and binding interactions, and structure/function relationships, working both from experimentally solved structures and from computational models. The term structural has the same meaning as in structural biology, and structural bioinformatics can be seen as computational structural biology (wikipedia).


National Center of Nuclear sciences and Technologies (CNSTN) :

Classroom : Conference classroom

Level : Master 1 of Industrial Development of Health Products - Higher Institute of Biotechnology - Sidi Thabet. ISBST

Level : License 3 of Animal Biotechnology - Higher Institute of Biotechnology - Béja. ISBB


Karim Mezhoud - email: kmezhoud(at)mnhn(dot)fr

Wahid Mèjri - email: wahid.mejri(at)cnstn(dot)rnrt(dot)tn

Rafik Ouerchefani - email: rafik(at)ubuntu(dot)com

Planning of the workshop


Morning (9-12H)

Afternoon (14-17H)


Demonstration on the useful of the structural Bioinformatic in the pharmaceutical field -Importance of the Open source in research area

Install Party of Ubuntu and exploration


Basics of shell commands and databases

Compiling a program or library


Sequences alignment concept and database search

Protein structure prediction and feature


Regular expression and data mining

Interactomics & Pathwayomic


Docking: concept and methods

molecular target search for Drugs

Album of the workgroups



Synopsis Introduction Install Party Shell-Regex ShellforBiology Alignement Concept Structure Prediction Interactomics Docking

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