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=== Ubuntu Myanmar Local Community === == Ubuntu Myanmar Local Community ==

Ubuntu Myanmar Local Community

Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team Core Member. Who is advocated by ubuntu-mm team member.

(./) Ubuntu Event/Class Organizer
(./) Ubuntu Event/Class Volunteer
(./) Ubuntu Event/Class Helper
(./) Ubuntu Event/Class Trainer
(./) Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team Supporter

I am Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team - Core Member,So Administrator of Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team. helping out with the Facebook groups and Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team Movement.

I advocate Open-Source and Ubuntu whenever possible.

I publish ubuntu live CDs, ISOs and Customize DVD for my friends whenever possible.

We Support Barcamp Yangon, Barcamp Mandalay and Barcamp Lashio


LoCo Event

Event Physical and Web Chat

When and When Barcamp at daily most popular topic is "I Love U Ubuntu " and "Work with U Ubuntu "

you can check Event Photo

University Computer Student [City]

  • (./) UCSM - M = Mandalay 1 and 2
    (./) UCSL - L = Lashio UCSL and GTU
    (./) UCSM - M = Monywar GTU

Ubuntu Introduce and Install Fest is Done.

Event Photos

you can find me there.


Ubuntu-MM Team Activity Photo


It's example. more interview is can see Press and News Media.

(i) Warning: this template is limited access with who approved Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team Core Member

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