About Me

My name is Pasquale aka kr0n1x. I'm 17 years old and my first (serious) experience with Linux world started in October 2006 thanks to Ubuntu Edgy. I used it with my old USB modem Michelangelo USB CX (in past was impossible for me to make it works with other distro or version of Ubuntu).
Now Ubuntu is my preferred distro and i'm using the 64 bit version of Gutsy (thanks Conroe E6300!)
I study (4° year) at ITI Mottura high school in Caltanissetta (i'm trying i mean :D), Sicily!!!

My contacts

  • €-mail: p45qu4l3 at gmail dot com

  • j@bber: kronix at jabber dot org

  • m$n: kronix90 at hotmail dot com

My links

kr0n1x cl1p804rd - a blog about my experiences in ubuntu - my Launchpad profile
my profile on
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