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 * '''Email''': <<MailTo(>>
 * '''Jabber''': <<MailTo(>>
 * '''Email''': <<MailTo(lars AT matholka DOT se)>>
 * '''Jabber''': <<MailTo(lars AT matholka DOT se)>>

Lars Ljung

  • Email: <lars AT matholka DOT se>

  • Jabber: <lars AT matholka DOT se>

  • OpenPGP key: 5D50242E

  • Launchpad profile:

I'm one of the system administrators for the Swedish LoCo web server and also an active member of the LoCo. I have been using GNU/Linux since 1997 and Ubuntu since 2005. My home is currently in Stockholm, Sweden. Professionally I'm a software developer with a focus on digital signal processing and embedded systems.

My contributions to the Ubuntu community are mainly related to the Swedish LoCo team. Together with other system administrators I have been managing the web server since April 2007. I'm also an active member of the forum and I'm helping newcomers and advanced users alike.


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