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About me

My name is Leandro Gómez, I'm from Uruguay and currently living in Nicaragua. I'm a former team contact and one of the founders of the Nicaraguan Ubuntu LoCo Team.

Contact information

My involvement in Ubuntu

I'm an Ubuntu user since Breezy and began contributing to the community in February 2006. In February 2007, I started the Nicaraguan Ubuntu LoCo Team (approved in April) and since then my main efforts have been in improving the local team and helping other teams in the region to get things started.

I've participated in and organized ~90 events since the creation of the team, including the award-winning SFD Nicaragua 2007 and SFD Nicaragua 2008 events and the Linux Tour, one of the biggest Linux events in Central America.

I'm currently an official Ubuntu translator in the ubuntu-l10n-es team and moderator of the mailing list.

As of September 2009, I'm starting the SpreadUbuntu Nicaragua project in order to promote the creation of marketing material in Spanish and as a form of collaboration with the SpreadUbuntu project.

I've also represented Ubuntu in meetings and events with other LUGs and in interviews on local newspapers, radio and TV stations.

Future plans

My work outside the Ubuntu community

I'm pretty active in other FOSS communities, both in Nicaragua and internationally.

Leogg Facts

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