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I was born 08.05.1986 in Gdansk (Poland) and live in Cologne (Germany) now. I studied computer science in Gummersbach and got my Bachelor of Science in 2012. Here a little story how I got involved in Linux and Ubuntu:

I got my first computer in 1997. In 1998 I got my first Linux Distro on CD within a PC-Magazin. (I think it was DLD Linux with KDE 1.0) I played a while with it but decide to delete it and stick with Windows 95. After the release of Windows 98 I had a lot of troubles with it and searched for a new , easy linux distro and found SuSE Linux 7.0 . It was my first distro I used for everyday work. Later I worked also with RedHat 7.x as it had some better hardware support, and my soundcard was supported. Smile :) Then after some years again with SuSE 7.x and 8.x series I got to know Ubuntu 5.04 in a videotutorial on about-linux.com and fall in love with its simple design. After then my main OS was Ubuntu. First I start making Ubuntu more popular within a small group of friends. After that I supported a lot of people solving problems with installing and configuring Ubuntu in common Linux Forums (i.e. http://www.linux-web.de). Shortly after the release of Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper Drake , I had a few chats with some moderators from the Gaming and Tech and Television Site Giga.de . In October 2006 I had the chance to present Ubuntu 6.06 at Giga TV (Video ) After my good experiences after the show and the overwhelming feedback from the community (especially the http://www.ubuntuuser.de community) I started wondering what can I do more to support Ubuntu. I came up with the idea of short tutorial videos (screencast) to show how to install and configure Ubuntu especially for all Windows "Switchers". This screencasts are now known as Ubuntu Switcher Episodes. This screencasts are in german language only so far.

After this few contributions to Ubuntu I started thinking of supporting my old friends from the BeOS Community and make it easier for them to switch to Linux and Ubuntu. I started working on a own little distribution initally called Zebuntu and is now called ZevenOS. It does not only reimplement the style and touch of BeOS but it also comes with some new interesting tools like MAGI 2 (see https://launchpad.net/magi2) that is an easy to use application launcher and installer especially made for beginners and older people that never worked before with a computer. Lots of little other apps have been born throughout ZevenOS. YAVTD a Youtube Video Downloading app and Encode an ffmpeg encoding gui for easy encoding and transcoding videos and many many more. I presented ZevenOS at the TV Show CCZwei. The show is hosted by two of the early pioneers of computer and technology in germany (W. Back & W. Rudolph) (link: ZevenOS@CCZwei)

Since 2012 I am also contributing to the german linux radio podcast show RadioTux


You can contact me either per mail (see above) or per ICQ: 297760552 or per Jabber: leszek@jabber.ccc.de

My Official Site & Blog

My Offical "Techview-Podcast"

My Ubuntu Switcher Site (with Videos)

A blog were I post interesting things and articles and my magazin Techview

ZevenOS Homepage (a Ubuntu based Distro)

The Homepage of the Giga TV were I had my guest appearance

Lubuntu Project


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