This is the home of the lojbanistan Local Community Team!

Team Info

The Ubuntu Lojbanistan Local Community Team is a group of volunteers and activists organized around the Ubuntu operating system. We advocate lojban and digital freedom and aim to translate Ubuntu and promote it to other lojbananas as a means of approaching this.

This team operates in accordance with the Ubuntu Code of Conduct

(lojbanistan is the imaginary country which speaks lojban natively used to refer to the lojban community. A lojbanana is a lojban speaker.)


  1. Translate
    • Make Ubuntu available in lojban
  2. Promote
    • Advocate Ubuntu to lojbananas
  3. Supply
    • Provide supplies and information for getting Ubuntu
  4. Support
    • Offer support for getting and using Ubuntu in lojban
  5. Connect
    • Bridge connections between lojban-speaking Ubuntu users

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