About Me

I don't know exactly when I became interested in Linux, but I remember a few unsuccessful attempts to use some distributions that I received with computer magazines, until I came in contact with Ubuntu Hardy Heron, back in 2008. Since then, Ubuntu is the only operating system I use in my desktop (actually Kubuntu now), not counting the virtual machines I need for testing. I have tested other distros, but I feel so comfortable with Ubuntu and I have such a great experience with it, that it has captivated me really good. Not to mention the Community, which was fundamental to the success of my first real experience with Linux.

I have a particular interest on Firefox and add-ons. I usually have more than 60 add-ons installed and started to develop my own by the end of 2008. My passion about Firefox started with the early versions of the browser, when I still was a Windows user.

I also have interest in multimedia applications, specially related to video. I love movies and TV series, specially Sci-Fi. Matrix, Star Wars, Inception and Battlestar Galactica are among the top 10 in my personal list. No wonder why my avatar is a cylon tux.

Ubuntu Contributions

The Ubuntu Forums is for sure, the site that I visit the most. I have been providing support in the forums, on a daily basis, since 2008. I mostly help Firefox users nowadays.

I don't spend most of my time on a particular section of the forums. I subscribe to the main rss feed and jump in when I think I can provide some assistance, specially when the subject is related to Firefox and Flash. I have created a few support threads and tutorials like:

Sticky: Firefox 4 Mega Thread

Tutorial of the Week: Firefox optimization and troubleshooting

Tutorial: Flash Optimization and troubleshooting

Beta Support: Firefox 4 support thread: faq, how to install, optimize, customize...

Recent Posts

Although not as frequent as in the Ubuntu Forums, I am also an active member of the Ask Ubuntu Community and have developed an extension for Firefox, Chrome and Opera, that allows to track messages and reputation there.

AskUbuntu Add-on

In addition to Firefox support, I also provide support for my add-ons in the Ubuntu Forums, since some of them were designed for Ubuntu users:

CheckIt | Flash-Aid | FlashVideoReplacer | FoxRunner | FoxTester

Other Community Involvement

I recently joined the Mozilla Featured Add-on Advisory Board, which will review and select add-ons to be added to AMO Featured list.

Goals & Aspirations

I would like to join Ubuntu's MozillaTeam in the near future, particularly the extensions team, and help to provide Ubuntu users with high quality and useful add-ons.

Working full-time with add-ons and open source communities is on the top of my long-term goals.

Some day I will learn C++.

Ubuntu Code of Conduct: YES

Ubuntu Forums: lovinglinux

LaunchPad: ~lovinglinux

AskUbuntu: lovinglinux

Mozilla AMO: lovinglinux

Web Site: webgapps.org

GitHub: webgapps


EDIT: thank you all for the support here and in my Ubuntu Membership Application.

lovinglinux has always been very helpful to me and many others in ubuntuforums.org. His responses are well thought out and really help people solve problems. Tim Cuthbertson (ratcheer on ubuntuforums)

lovinglinux is regular contributor on ubuntuforums.org offering help and sharing his knowledge freely. His firefox addons, particulary flashaid are used by a huge number of Ubuntu users. nothingspecial.

lovinglinux is one of the most active members of Ubuntuforums. His knowledge and guidance has helped many users and he shows no sign of slowing his relentless support. I fully support this well overdue application for Ubuntu Membership. Bodsda

Great support and howto's. I support his application for Ubuntu membership. leoquant

This came as a real surprise to me, I had assumed that this awesome guy was already a full ubuntu member. What can I say that his postings, tutorials, 1-2-1 help etc. does not already do. He is a fantastic guy, knowledgeable, helpful, diligent on both his tutorials and in keeping track of the various threads he is involved in. (The fact he has helped all us support people out so many times when we are stuck is a further testament to him Testaments). It is an honour to ask that the council look favourably upon his, long overdue, application phillw 3rd June 2011


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