About Me

I am a 31 years old guy living in Rome, Italy.

Worked in the past in IBM in the marketing department of the Information Management (Software Group). Dealt with marketing, research and sponsorship of middleware products and responsible of the organisation of events and of advertising campaigns for DB2 database and office suite Lotus Symphony.

Then went to Emsi department of Ericsson Italy as network analyst managing H3G network connectivity on the Italian network nodes.

In the following years I was a callcenter administrator for various customers. Achieved a good knowledge of Genesys application, of Alcatel, of Voip platforms, of Avaya and Delco, and of other systems managed side by side with Hewlett Packard.

Nowadays I am freelance web developer and looking forward to open a personal company!

I first became interested in Linux in 2002 with Linux Mandrake 9.0 then started to use Ubuntu with Feisty Fawn and still a happy Ubuntu user.

Contact Info

LaunchPad: ~lucazade

UbuntuForums: lucazade

Irc: lucazade on

Primary Interests

I am usually present in the forum to give an hand in the Intel GMA500 mega thread and to maintain, alongside a team, the support of this graphic chipset in Ubuntu.

From Hardy Heron Gma500 driver support has completely in the hands of the community, and we were able, most of the times with success, to maintain more than a driver for this chipset and to keep it compatible up to Natty.

official support thread:

gma500 team and repository:

gma500 wiki:

Goals & Aspirations

I would like to apply for Ubuntu membership in the next year or so.


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