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+== Ubuntu Forum Profile === []] '''Ubuntu Forum Profile''' [[]]
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=== Launchpad Profile === [[]] '''Launchpad Profile'''   [[]]

Mike Ferreira

Ubuntu Forum Profile

Launchpad Profile

About Me

I have been known by this screen name since early BBS'es and have kept it through many years. I started helping people with their computers since 1987.

Contributions To Ubuntu:


Although not a memeber of the Ubuntu Forum Staff, I provide communtiy support in the Ubuntu Forums > The Ubuntu Forum Community > Main Support Categories > Installation & Upgrades. I provide support for resolving graphics problems through maintaining and helping people via this sticky: I have been active in the testing of new releases since Ubuntu 9.04 alpha1. I am also active at Launchpad, especially where it concerns graphics issues with Ubuntu.

Volunteer Work

I have promoted Ubuntu in my local community's Linux User Group (OLYLUG). I also help local users and Non-Profit Computer Recyclers in their use of linux as a medium to distribute computers to new users and groups.

My Plans For Me, Linux and Ubuntu

I am always open to further what I know and to share what I learn. Ubuntu is a medium that is open, user friendly and easy to learn for people. It has helped me make computers accessible to people and to make people's older hardware "usable" again in a manner than it performs better than when it was new.



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