About Me

I'm Manu Cogolludo Vallejo, also known as Makova. I was born in Barcelona but I've been living in Granada since 2000, a beautiful city in Andalusia, Spain. My first contact with Ubuntu was in its 10.04 version. I am mostly self-trained as a developer and system administrator, although I have also taken some formal courses in open source technologies, from HTML5 to Arduino. I'm currently at the free software office of Granada's University, where I have been involved with an initiative that refurbishes computing equipment, including the installation of lightweight Ubuntu distros, donating them to NGOs and non-for-profit associations, which includes a short course on how to use Linux, usually, it's the first contact they have with free operating systems. I have a been teaching free applications and introducing programming to kids also, where I prepare custom Ubuntu image that is used by all teachers too. I contribute to the Free Software Foundation and I'm the secretary of the local GNU/Linux association of GCubo and a member of OpenXXI's association.

Contact Information

  • Email: IRC: makova on network Launchpad Account: makova Languages: Spanish, Catalán, English

Social media

Ubuntu objectives

1. Become and Ubuntu member.

2. Work and promote Free Software with Ubuntu.

3. Collaborate on Ubuntu's phone projects, including new scopes.

4. Disseminate and organize events for Ubuntu and Ubuntu Phone in Granada.


I have been collaborating in Ubuntu's forum since 2010 and simultaneously contributing what I received from the Free Software community. In Madrid's Flisol 2011 I talked about the new Ubunt's Unity.

Developer and manager of Ubuntu-guia; actually working on the update 16.04.

I created a blog to show how to install, configure and debug Debian and Ubuntu and support users through comments. In my role as a customer support technician at Granada's University, I install Ubuntu almost exclusively to users that request it, including the refurbished computers we donate and computers used at the Political Science and Sociology College of Granada's University.

I have been a staunch supporter of free software and promoted its use through Ubuntu which has always been my distro of choice. Even if I cannot prove every single event with pictures, people in the University and the Free Software Office can vouch for me if needed ccpolsoc.

I created two webapps for Ubuntu Touch.

I translated uNav into Catalan.

Other events

Presentation of the first desktop Unity Flisol 2011 Madrid

Software freedom Day 2011 Granada

Ubuntu installation Flisol 2012 Granada

Software Freedom Day 2012

Flisol 2013 Granada

Flisol 2014 Granada and Software Freedom Day

Software Freedom Day and Wiki Loves Monuments 2015 Granada

Hour of the code with Ubuntu computers in school classroom Computer Hour of code 2015

Ubuntu installation and Troubleshooting UEFI and EFI Thursday of ETSIIT installing GNU/Linux

II Hackathon to installation the Lubuntu 16.04 recording video.

Donated computers with Ubuntu Donation campaigns from II to the XVII

Hackatón Internet for BQ and CircoLab

Open Data Day I Hackathon

Application of electronic circuit design for CERN in collaboration with the OSL

Hackathon Ubuntu touch the BQ tablets recording video.

Photos events on Flickr


I meet Manu in person in an Ubuntu Hour and he is pure energy, passion, vocation and hard work for Ubuntu. +1 for his application as member! costales

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