About Me

Be formless, shapeless... like water. Now you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup; you put water into a bottle it becomes the bottle; if you put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot... Now water can flow, or it can crash... Be water my friend

I am but a sojourner who landed into the world of Free and Open Source software during his college days, and deeply influenced by the philosophical realms he found, chose to stay and imbibe those values into his core.

It started in ancient days with a Knoppix LiveCD, which revolutionized how I perceived GNU/Linux to be - largely impressioned onto me by Red Hat and Mandriva. My quest for achieving permanence with the ethereal image of Knoppix I saw led me to what it derived from - Debian - and together with its powerful `apt' which steered me away from the dependency hell I had seen so far with Red Hat/Mandriva, I saw the possibility of creating my very own system piece by piece - an attempt that had for me gallantly failed with Windows XP time and again - and I did.

Indeed, reminiscing back, I used to once hold the opinion that it would be impossible for one to survive solely within the realm of free software. Today the only proprietary software I (am compelled to) use on my machines (excluding firmware) is Adobe Flash, having traded, as it went, Windows for Debian, then MATLAB for GNU Octave, and finally Mathematica for Python/SAGE. Aside from the many marvels I have unraveled by doing so, the feeling of being in complete control, the feeling of freedom, is exhilarating, and not something that can be parted with once given the taste.

GNU/Linux is more than software; it is an idea - an idea so powerful it may never be extinguished.


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