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About Me

I am a twenty three year old Senior Linux System Administrator and Lead Developer with over nine years professional development experience and over five years of experience in Systems Administration. Locally I have been a huge advocate of Free and Open Source software. Personally, I work with friends and neighbors to educate them on the alternatives to Closed Source commercial software. Many have made the switch to an Open Source desktop, the majority moving to Ubuntu. In the companies I have previously worked for, I acted as an Open Source consultant. Helping these companies successfully consume FOSS in their applications while contributing patches and updates back to the community - even releasing portions of their systems as Open Source.

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Ubuntu I primarily work on the Ask Ubuntu website, offering support to users by answers to their questions and guidance for the community as a site moderator

Ubuntu Chromify-OSD - Replace Google Chrome/Chromium webkit notifications with native NotifyOSD
Ubuntu APTURL Redirector - Using the specs outlined by MPT I designed and implemented a replacement for which is pending review by the Canonical server team, a demo is available.
Ubuntu Time permitting I submit translations via LaunchPad as I can speak and write in Spanish and can write Italian.
Ubuntu Donate server resources at cost to host the data server for the Ask Ubuntu Lens

Future Goals

After spending many years building RPMs for the various Red Hat based systems we administered, I've become very interested in packaging and applying eventually for MOTU to help maintain and bring even more applications to the already plentiful Ubuntu Repositories.

I hope to help integrate Ask Ubuntu into the Ubuntu community, by doing so helping users get the answers to their questions as soon as possible! This includes additional work on the site, as well as work offsite with various Ubuntu teams and developers to include ways to connect to Ask Ubuntu via the API. To help facilitate this I will be attending UDS-P in Orlando.

As a web developer there isn't much I can do to help triage bugs in desktop software; however, I plan on putting my expertise to good use in helping improve the communities web presence when applicable. Whether that be with coding, UI feedback, or increasing 508 compliance in Ubuntu sites.

Finally, I plan on becoming more involved in my Ubuntu LoCo. Helping to plan and execute events which will promote Ubuntu in the DC Metro area.


If you know me and have something nice to say, please leave a comment here.

Ubuntu Marco has been doing an awesome job as one of the Community Moderators on Ask Ubuntu - he's friendly and approachable if there is a problem with the site/etc, and frequently handles problems on the site openly, without chaos and confusion. James Gifford

Ubuntu As a fellow community moderator on Ask Ubuntu, working with Marco has been an absolute pleasure. His reliability and diligence are exceptional, and his continued engagement in the Ubuntu community is making it a better place. As well as using his technical knowledge to help people with real problem, he has also shown himself to be a great resolver of conflict, small or large. Because of this, in my view, Marco is essential to the Ubuntu community. Stefano Palazzo

Ubuntu Marco has been essential in getting Ask Ubuntu off the ground and making it awesome for users, he's been working on it for almost 18 months, many times this work has dragged on late into the night, but we kept at it. The Apt Redirector project has also been a great way to prototype one of the problem areas we've had for a long time, great job dragging us in the right direction. -- jorge 2011-10-18 19:54:22