About me

  • Hello World!
  • I'm Mariot Tsitoara, 19 years old and a big fan of Ubuntu.
  • I'm studying computer science (Software engineering) at the National School of Informatics of Madagascar.
  • I use GNU/Linux since 2008 but my preferred distribution is Ubuntu because I love its philosophy and it's very easy to contribute.
  • By the way, I also love C++ and wandering around in libraries!

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mariot on freenode


Team Memberships

  • I use Launchpad since 2010-11-15 and I'm a Malagasy and French translator.

    Ubuntu I'm a member of the Ubuntu Malagasy Translators team. We're trying to provide a complete Malagasy translation of Ubuntu. Ubuntu I'm also a member of Malagasy Gnome Translators

  • Since this year, I'm also a member of Linux and Free Software Club of my city. Our goal is to share free softwares and contribute to the development of open source Operating Systems.
  • All translations I have done through Launchpad can be found here


  • My short-term goal is to provide a complete Malagasy translation of Ubuntu.
  • I'm planning to contribute to the making of Ubuntu when my programming skills would be good enough
  • For far future, I want to make of Ubuntu the most popular Operating System in Madagascar.

Contributions to the Ubuntu Community

  • I'm a Ubuntu translator
  • By being a member of a Linux and Free Software Club, I'm used to share and promote free softwares and Ubuntu is one of them
  • I organized an Ubuntu Install Party in my city and held a lecture about Ubuntu and its installation.

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