Huge Ubuntu Fan!

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I've been using Ubuntu ever since 6.06.

I have signed and read the Ubuntu Code of Conduct

This month it will mark my 6th month helping and supporting, translating and correcting Ubuntu.

What I've Done So Far

  • I contribute to the translation team for Engish CA and am working towards the French Translation team.

I will soon start to be in the IRC to give some of my knowledge and help others. I do believe in Libre, Open software that anyone can use, and modify to their hearts content, and I wish to help Ubuntu with that and localization. I see Ubuntu becoming used more and more as people become aware of how easy it is to use, and the amazing benefits of open-source, free software.

I also think that the Netbook edition and Unity become more popular with netbooks and tablets that could use a boost from a lighter OS.


I love this community and hope to be accepted into the Ubuntu Member team. You can contact me or look me up on my Launchpad page at


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