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I, Matthieu Baerts, apply for upload rights for these packages:

  • cairo-dock

  • cairo-dock-plug-ins

  • latexila


Matthieu Baerts

Launchpad Page

Wiki Page

Who I am

I'm a student at UCL (Louvain-la-Neuve - Belgium) and a member of the Cairo-Dock team and other projects which support Free Software.

My Ubuntu story

I've been using Ubuntu (from the alphas to the stable Ubuntu x86_64 releases) as my primary OS since 2008 after having tested Mandrake, Mandriva and Ubuntu Warty (with its great and famous liveCD) and used Debian Etch 64bits (just after its release in April 2007).

My involvement

I'm posting and fixing bug reports on the development release for 3+ years. I'm improving the Ubuntu official packages of Cairo-Dock 2.0 (plug-ins included) since September 2009. I joined the Louvain-li-Nux association (promotion of Free Software through Ubuntu's installations, weekly supports to the community and event's organizations) 2 years ago. I joined the UDS-M for one day.

Examples of my work / Things I'm proud of

A short list:

  • Developing the Cairo-Dock project of course Smile :) . During these years, I mainly improved the user experience; maintain the installation process; support Launchpad tools (Code, Bugs, Translations, Answer, Blueprint); support new changes on used APIs; create useless applets as Impulse: Wink ;)

  • Packaging the Cairo-Dock project (weekly PPA and stable PPA/repo for the Ubuntu official/Cairo-Dock/Debian repositories)
  • Working on the integration of Cairo-Dock into Ubuntu such as maintaining Cairo-Dock's Indicator applets, adding a Cairo-Dock session, etc.
  • Patching other Free Software such as Nautilus 3.2.1-0ubuntu4.2 (non-exhaustive list: here)

  • Helping a friend (main LaTeXila's dev) by testing and maintaining its packages on Ubuntu (official and PPA - stable/unstable version - packages).

Areas of work

I'm a member of the Cairo-Dock team (mainly as a developer but also other things - website, translations, drivers, releaser because we're a very small team). I'm also cooperating with contributors of the cairo-dock-plug-ins-extras sub-project by merging branches and maintaining them. You can see my work on LaunchPad:,

Things I could do better

I'm still a student and I can improve my coding skill but about Ubuntu I think I can do more stuff and try to maintain more packages that I use.

About Cairo-Dock, the TODO list is big but it takes also a few time. Maybe the solution is to code faster Smile :)

And also, I guess I have to improve my English writing skills Smile :)

Plans for the future


Having more responsibilities into the Cairo-Dock project and contributing to the Ubuntu project seem essential. Regarding Cairo-Dock itself, I would like to continue into my role of core dev and improve the packaging for Debian (if it's possible Wink ;) e.g.: bug #657564). Regarding Ubuntu, joining teams such as the MOTU or firstly the universe-contributors one (I don't know if I have significant and sustained contributions) seems a nice challenge.

What I like least in Ubuntu

It's sometimes hard to find discussions about the purposes of some design changes in order to report the impacts (e.g.: bug #968133 which has still no official fixes and no answer from Light-Themes team).


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As a sponsor, just copy the template below, fill it out and add it to this section.

Daniel Holbach (dholbach)

General feedback

Matthieu has been taking good care of cairo-dock* and other packages and I never had to criticise anything of importance. It'd be good to have him upload these packages on his own.

Specific Experiences of working together


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=== Specific Experiences of working together ===
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