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I've been using Ubuntu as the primary OS since 2008 after having tested Mandrake, Mandriva and Ubuntu Warty (with its great and famous liveCD) and used Debian Etch 64bits just after its release in April 2007.

Contact information Name:

Matthieu Baerts Launchpad:

matttbe IRC:

matttbe on Freenode

I was earlier active in the forum but currently I'm active in glx-dock forum, launchpad and freenode irc (#cairo-dock, #cairo-dock-fr, sometimes on #ubuntu-* motu, devel, fr, fr-devel, fr-party, classroom-chat), etc.)


  • I'm part of the development team of Cairo-Dock and it includes:
    • Core developer
    • Packages maintainer for:
      • Ubuntu (ppa (stable and weekly release), Cairo-Dock repository and official Ubuntu repositories)
      • Debian (Cairo-Dock repository)
      • But also making patches for other distributions
    • Website admin (

    • Support (wiki, forum, bugtracker (launchpad), IRC, etc.)
    • Communication (social networks)
  • I always use the development release of Ubuntu on x86_64 (from the alphas to the stable release). So I post and fix a few bugs reports.
  • I'm part of an organisation (Louvain-li-Nux) to promote the Free Software by installing Ubuntu and help users every working weeks and organize a few events (Foire Du Libre, Ubuntu Install Parties, lectures, etc.)

  • I'm part of a LUG (LouviLug: Linux Users Group of Louvain-La-Neuve in Belgium)

  • I try to participate to some events (and organize some of them) about the free softwares:
    • Ubuntu Party in Louvain-La-Neuve (9.04 -> 12.04) and Paris (9.10, 10.10)

    • UDS-M in Brussels (only Wednesday because of my studies, arf Smile :) )

    • Fosdem (2010 -> 2012)

Future Goals

About the Free Softwares, I want to:

  • Do more stuffs for Cairo-Dock project
  • Improve (again) the integration of Cairo-Dock in Ubuntu (also with other apps)
  • Help more people to use Ubuntu
  • Become an Ubuntu Member and Developer
  • Improve Free Software


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