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About Me

My name is Max Mackie (Max_Mackie on the forums) and I've been using various Ubuntu flavors for about three years now. I'm currently living in Montreal, Canada and am working towards a degree in Computer Engineering. I've participated in a worldwide science fair (sponsored by Bell Telecommunications) and finished 7th in the provincials (if my team and I would have finished 6th, we would have gone to the nationals Sad :( ). We were presenting different penetration tests and how to protect against potential hacker threats.

My main hobbies are mostly revolved around either computers, programming, reading or developing something. I love tinkering with electronics and trying to build stuff out of literally nothing. Some things I've made include small Arduino robots and an automatic toilet paper dispenser (don't ask). I love reading any kind of book but prefer dystopian, fantasy and cyberpunk books. An exception to this would be manuals ... I loooove reading manuals.

I've only recently joined the Ubuntu community, but it's satisfying helping others with problems I myself have faced. The way I see it, you have to fall head first before realizing why you fell.

Team Memberships

  • Ubuntu Ubuntu Member.
    Ubuntu Ubuntu Beginners Team (Padawan).

Future Plans & Projects

I'm currently working towards a degree in Computer Engineering and possibly looking at some Postgrad right after that as well.
I love building websites, be it from Flash or plain HTML, so updating my own is something I definitely see in my future.

Current Project & Goals

  • Ubuntu Computer Engineering degree.
    Ubuntu Being fluent in bash and awk.
    Ubuntu Learning GIMP as well as I knew Photoshop.
    Ubuntu Operating everything in my computer from the terminal.

Contributions to the Ubuntu Community


  • Ubuntu For help, you can PM me on the Ubuntu Forums (Link above)
    Ubuntu I'm also always accessible via email and/or IRC (Links also above)



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