About Me

My real name is Marc Gariépy. I live in Sherbrooke, QC, CA. I work for Révoluiton Linux, as a linux technician, I mostly deploy ltsp-cluster for school districts. I'm quite familiar with desktop management (gnome, kde, I am most active on Launchpad, I try to be present on IRC.

Contact Information



mgariepy: #ltsp, #edubuntu


mgariepy _at_ jabber _dot_ revolutionlinux _dot_ com


You can contact me using one of my emails on my launchpad account


I am upstream member of ltsp ( and ltsp-cluster(, so I have submited/corrected a few bugs for those projects. I have contributed edubuntu-menueditor ( for Edubuntu, so administrator simply change menus layout on the system for differents group of users.

Edubuntu Council application

I want to be part of edubuntu council because

  • I have been working with schoolboards deploying LTSP-cluster and desktop solutions for about 2.5 years at Revolution Linux,
  • I am contributing to edubuntu by being upstream to LTSP, LTSP-cluster and the author of edubuntu-menueditor,
  • I am active with edubuntu since about 1 year,
  • I want to see ubuntu/edubuntu community grow,
  • I attend meeting regularly.

Future Goals

  • Become an ubuntu member
  • Stay active in LTSP and in Edubuntu


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