Micah Gersten

About Me

I've been using Ubuntu since Fall 2007. I am now a member of the Ubuntu Security team focusing on web browser technologies. I've also recently become a Xubuntu dev.

Contact Information

Team Memberships

  • Xubuntu Dev since July 2011
  • Ubuntu MOTU since Nov 2010
  • Ubuntu Bug Control since May 2009
  • Ubuntu Mozilla Team since Oct 2009
  • Ubuntu Chicago Loco

Ubuntu Contributions

I have been answering questions in the Ubuntu answer tracker since Dec 2008. I started triaging bugs in April 2009.

  • Top 20 contributor for Ubuntu Bugs
  • Hosted Chicago Loco meetups
    • Jun 28, 2009
    • Jan 17, 2010

I also answer questions in various Ubuntu related IRC channels on freenode:

  • #ubuntu-mozillateam
  • #ubuntu-bugs
  • #launchpad
  • #ubuntu-motu
  • #ubuntu-devel
  • #ubuntu-packaging
  • #ubuntu-hardened

Numerous package updates over the past year and a half

Goals For the Future

  • Become a Core Dev to help with transitions and distro wide changes
  • Help with Ubuntu DEX to push more stuff from Ubuntu into Debian


  • Micah has consistently been present and active on bug-control, and is very helpful and accommodating on calls for help in the IRC channels. Of the many people I have helped in #ubuntu-bugs and bug-control, he is certainly the one I am proudest of having helped. He is, without a question, one I heartly endorse for Ubuntu membership. And that's not even talking about his work with the Mozilla team! --Hggdh

  • Micah has done a tremendous job since April 2009 for the mozillateam. He started contributing by working restlessly on firefox bugs which made a huge difference and took a lot of work from my shoulders. From there on he worked on improving his technical skills up to the point where he now works as a fully-empowered mozillateam member fixing mozilla daily branch breakages and other stuff that needs to get done. In his work on the mozillateam, I got to know Micah as a great ubuntu addict that you can rely on as he constantly follows through on his commitments; he has the kind of attitude towards users and technology that we need in ubuntu and is a big win for the ubuntu community as a whole. Hence, I fully backup his application for ubuntu membership; I see this only as just a first step in becoming an ubuntu developer in the not so far future. Keep up the rocking work, Micah! - asac

  • I first had the opportunity to meet Micah at an Ubuntu-Chicago event, where he very graciously allowed us to meet at his office. Since then, I have frequently seen him helping users with bug triage and mozilla issues both in our LoCo IRC channel as well as in several other channels on freenode. Based on my experience with working with Micah, it is clear that he is very dedicated and hard-working. He also appears to really enjoy helping other users and contributing back to the Ubuntu community. Micah has my full support for Ubuntu membership, and I am looking forward to being able to work with him more in the future. -- nhandler 2009-11-08 18:58:02

  • Micah's contributions to the Ubuntu Bug Control team are extremely valuable and his responsiveness to people in the #ubuntu-bugs channel is also tremendously helpful. Micah has also been a very helpful user of tools like five-a-day and the package status pages as he quickly points out when things aren't working. Wink ;-) I happily support his Ubuntu membership. -- BrianMurray


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