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(1) Michael Godawski

I am 23 years old. I come from Poland, Cracow. Now I live in Duesseldorf, Germany. I am studying history of art and sociology.

My first contact with Linux was some years ago with Linux Red Hat. But first I had to get to know Ubuntu to be all for it.

I am using Ubuntu since the 7.04 release. I am in the Beginner Team since the 7.10 release. If I learn something new I always try to pour this new gained knowledge into a tutorial or essay. I spent regular hours on the Ubuntu forums helping out new users. With the Education Focus Group I create useful resources for new and old Ubuntu users an hold courses on the irc channel ubuntu-classroom.

Recently I launched my new website, where I document the most interesting solutions from my work on the Absolute Beginner Talk.

Because when there is a clear shape, the spirit can become clear too.

Current Level of Involvement

Currently I am very much involved in the Ubuntu project as a Moderator on the Ubuntuforums, so my priorities had to changed a bit.

But I am enjoying the new experiences and challenges.

Member of



  • Active in the Education Focus Group - writing essays and doing research.
  • Organizing irc education course for #ubuntu-classroom :

https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IconsPage/32pixel?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=32rolo.png IRC Question and Answer Session, Introduction to Root and Sudo
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IconsPage/32pixel?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=32rolo.png Sticky Threads, Nano-Basics, Meta-Packages


Pages on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ created by me:

IconsPage/note.png Sticky Threads IconsPage/note.png SolvingWireless


General Assistance in the Absolute Beginner Talk Forum (examples)
IconsPage/iconCircleSmall.png Gparted, fdisk, mke2fs... IconsPage/iconCircleSmall.png Java problems IconsPage/iconCircleSmall.png Reconfiguring broken display IconsPage/iconCircleSmall.png Medibuntu Keyring

Special Projects - Today and Tomorrow


  • started a new Launchpad and Ubuntuforums account; had to do a rather long break but now I am active again; was known as jan quark, now I use my real name.


  • planning to get involved into the translation ( speaking German and Polish fluently )
  • continue to edit the beginners section of the wiki "Beginners Section"

  • creating more and better educational courses



I've always found Michael.Godawski (Janquark) to be very helpful, whether it be on the IRC channel's, or on the forums. And after reading his tutorials/How-To's I'll certainly start linking to them when appropriate on the Ubuntu Forums.


When i first started using linux i had a bunch of different problems regarding media playback, graphics cards and some bad propitary hardware in my machine which would not work together with my Ubuntu 7.04.. i took a break from the linux world for a while and thought at the release of 7.10 that i would give it a try and together with Michael.Godawski (janquark) i got everything working including the media playback which i had some issues on. I don't think that i would have been using linux as of today if it wasn't for Michael.Godawski (janquark) who helped me a lot in the beginning.



A few months ago I met Michael on the Beginner's Team irc channel, little realising at the time that I was talking to a user I had previously followed on the forum as janquark. I had found his help, through reading his replies, at that time quite pivotal in progressing myself. Since then as Michael Godawski I have continued to be impressed with both the help that he gives and the manner in which it is given.

Indeed I was pleased that he has let me join him on his first lesson to be given by the Education Focus group of the BT aimed at furthering the knowledge that newer users of Ubuntu can avail themselves of.

I wish him every success in his endeavours and look forward to being a part of them


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