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Sherbrooke, QC, Canada





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About me

I work for Revolution Linux where I design, deploy and manage server infrastructures based on Ubuntu and openVZ. My main areas of interest are web services, application servers, email and collaboration systems, file servers, dns systems, ldap directories and monitoring systems. I am responsible for the continuous operation of tens of physical servers and hundreds of virtual servers at various remote sites all running various Ubuntu LTS releases.

I've done quite a bit of packaging and I maintain a lot of backports in various launchpad ppas like Revolution Linux Public PPA.

I've been present at UDS-L and UDS-M to participate in the Server track with the goal of making Ubuntu a great server platform.


Ubuntu MirrorKit, a python frontend to debmirror : https://launchpad.net/mirrorkit
Ubuntu Logaricheck, a nagios plugin to check disk, memory and swap usage using an intelligent threshold logarithmic function : https://launchpad.net/logaricheck
Ubuntu Shinken, a new monitoring tool written in Python compatible with Nagios : https://launchpad.net/shinken
Ubuntu Mediawiki Extensions : Packages for popular mediawiki extensions : https://launchpad.net/~mediawiki-extensions-dev
Ubuntu Munin Custom Plugins : Packages for useful munin plugins : https://launchpad.net/~munin-custom-plugins

What do I do in Ubuntu?

Ubuntu Report and fix bugs
Ubuntu Update and backport packages, mostly server related
Ubuntu Write and discuss server specs at UDS

What I would like to do in Ubuntu?

Ubuntu Participate more actively in the server team
Ubuntu Participate in the backports team

Ubuntu conferences I attended

Ubuntu Ubuntu Developer Summit in Dallas, TX, USA (Lucid Lynx)
Ubuntu Ubuntu Developer Summit in Brussels, Belgium (Maverick Meerkat)

What else ?

I'm 25 and I live in Sherbrooke, Qu├ębec, Canada where I enjoy the cold weather Wink ;)

Contacting me

You can usually find me on irc.freenode.net as "mjeanson" or mail me at one of the e-mails from my Launchpad profile.


You may look at my launchpad profile for possibly more up to date informations.
I'm currently applying for Ubuntu membership - recommendations most welcome!


I met Michael at UDS-L, in Dallas, TX, and saw him again in UDS-M in Belgium. I can say that Michael does indeed contribute to Ubuntu and has provided great ideas in past UDS'. He has also helped us with the testing of certain packages for the Ubuntu Cluster Stack, as well as provided documentation. I totally support his application... RoAkSoAx

I haven't worked with Michael much in Ubuntu directly before, but we work at the same company and we make regular use of some of the work that Michael has uploaded to Ubuntu. I think he'll do a good job at representing Ubuntu and I hope to see him get more involved in the areas mentioned above. JonathanCarter

I have known Michael for 2.5 years now, he's been working on some packages and fixes I use almost daily. He also showed interest for working with QA, mostly on SRU for server packages (as it's an area where we really need more manpower). I'll be sponsoring him for that work over the next few weeks. He's also been present at UDS-Dallas (for Lucid) and UDS-Brussels (for Maverick) mostly attending server sessions. He's also been attending one of the Ubuntu Global Jam in Montreal and multiple release parties. I believe his work so far is worth Ubuntu Membership and I'm looking forward to seeing him contribute even more in the future. St├ęphaneGraber


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