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Hi! My name is Mike and I'm a nerd. I enjoy coding late nights and probably that's why my super power is sleeping. My second superpower is converting breakfast cereal into code.

I'm a keen Ubuntu user and have finally involved with open source software in 2010, which is awesome. It feels great and I'm proud of it. I like solving hard algorithmic problems and learning programming languages.
I enjoy hacking late nights on interesting stuff and probably that's why my super power is sleeping.
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 * Member of Ubuntu One Android hackers [[|click]]  * Telegram for Ubuntu phones
 * Ubuntu for Android
 * Ubuntu Android SSO
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 * Minor activities
  * translations
  * community IRC support

== Future Goals ==
## Tell us about your plans for future contributions

 * Ubuntu One + Android related
  * ubuntuone-android-files - make AndroidU1 official Ubuntu One app, er... killer app!
  * ubuntuone-android-contacts - help whenever there's such need
  * ubuntu-android-sso - bring Ubuntu SSO into Android, just like browser-wise Ubuntu SSO is for the web
 * Community related
  * ubuntu-bots - help out with IRC bots. The team is small and I heard they will gladly welcome man power.
 * Other
  * learn Ant
  * learn advanced Java
  * learn Maven
  * learn Python
  * learn packaging, become Ubuntu Developer

In general, together with Ubuntu One Android Hackers, I want to deliver as many Ubuntu One services as possible to Android, such as:
 * files sync -- AndroidU1
 * contacts sync -- ubutnuone-android-contacts
 * notes -- Tomdroid?
 * bookmarks
 * playlists
 * etc
Having access to all that stuff from one dashboard would be really awesome!

About Me

I enjoy hacking late nights on interesting stuff and probably that's why my super power is sleeping.

If you like my work, you can always donate some foreign breakfast cereal. Please ping me for shipping address Wink ;)

Contact Information

person.png Name

Michał Karnicki

clock.png Timezone

Warsaw (UTC+1/UTC+2)

gmail.png Email

<mkarnicki AT gmail DOT com>

lpicon.png Launchpad Profile


language.png IRC

mkarnicki / karni on

twitter3.png Twitter


"I'm not here right now. Please leave me a message. I know where you live." ;D



If you know me and have something nice to say, please leave a signed comment here.


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