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MichaƂ Karnicki


Warsaw (UTC+1/UTC+2)

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<mkarnicki AT gmail DOT com>

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mkarnicki / karni on

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About Me

Contact Information


Current activities

Google Summer of Code 2010

Minor activities

  • translations
  • community IRC support

Future Goals

  • androidu1 - improve, improve and improve
  • ubuntu-android-sso - bring Ubuntu SSO into Android, just like browser-wise Ubuntu SSO is for the web
  • ubuntuone-android-contacts - help whenever there's such need
  • ubuntuone-android-client - get involved, become ubuntuone-android-client-team member, and get that killer app done!
  • ubuntu-bots - when I'll find time, I'd like to help out with IRC bots. The team is small and needs some back up.

In general, I would like to work with Ubuntu One Android team to deliver as many Ubuntu One services as possible onto Android as possible (such as files sync (AndroidU1), contacts sync (ubutnuone-android-contacts), notes (Tomdroid?), bookmarks, etc). Having access to all of those from one dashboard would be really awesome!


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