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I'm currently working on the language translation and as of now my concentration is here with I'm currently working on the UWN;
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  UWN, (Working with Wild_Man, Bashing-om, guiverc and krytarik )<<BR>>   UWN, (Working with Wild_Man, Bashing-om, guiverc and krytarik )<<BR>><<BR>>

and on the language translation<<BR>><<BR>>

mike /ˈmaɪk/ n.




Michael Mendoza Quisido III


Iligan City, LDN, Philippines


Asia Time (UTC +8)


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Ubuntu On Unity Desktop


Ubuntu UWN
Ubuntu Unity Translation
Ubuntu Debian Installer Translation
Ubuntu Ubuntu Launchers Translation
Ubuntu Ubuntu Documentation Translation
Ubuntu Kubuntu Translation
Ubuntu Gnome Translation

About Me

I just love to explore more specially in computing world. Love to discover and encounter new ideas specially in open source platform where the real world of human is here. Awesome B-)

By the way I'm going to introduce myself to you guys. I'm Michael Mendoza Quisido III from Philippines I am best in web front end development using php CMS's I can do create themes for php CMS's from scratch and I also have an experienced using the admin control panel of vBulletin which Ubuntuforum is using right now and phpbb forum, as long as it is php its manageable.


Each project or assignments is a great desire of an individual that gives a chance to share multiple ideas to each and everyone on a team craving to learn and to face new challenges, specially on multiple skills as a Web Developer. My experience as professional with multiple skills makes me to look forward to achieve goals and to solve wide range of challenges as an expert when it comes to my field. Extra focus, more attentive to details, hard working and honest person.

Software Engineer

Web Master/Administrator [Senior Web Developer(Front / Back End Web Development Level)]


I graduated at St. Peter’s College Iligan City Philippines with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.


Python • C++ • C# • Php • java • php core coding • web-design • phpmyadmin • mysql • php • ajax • javascript • html • wordpress • Drupal • phpbb • vbulletin • joomla • GIMP/Linux Photoeditor • graphic-design • computer-networking • video-editing • web-content-management


I'm blessed with two kids, a 6 year old boy and a girl 11 years old and a lovely wife who is always there to support me.

Sedan Car Fanatic


I am fashioned with sedan cars here in Philippines. I love to watch sedan car shows.


Alternatives Music


  •  Wish 107.5,
     103.1 Wild FM (Hala, Pag-wild!)



I'm currently working on the UWN;

  •  UWN, (Working with Wild_Man, Bashing-om, guiverc and krytarik )

and on the language translation

  •  Unity,
     Debian Installer,
     Ubuntu Launchers,
     Ubuntu Documentation Translation,
     Kubuntu Translation
     Gnome

and all that needs to be translated due to lots of work to be done. That's why I need to organize a new group for this and currently creating/adding a new Cebuano wiki translation guidelines page for new coming Cebuano members so they won't be lost and would be easier for them to translate when they have do so. So later on I could be able to contribute to the world which is my primary goal here in Ubuntu Open Source. (See my Future Goals)


I have lots of team here,



Future Goals

About the my goal here in Ubuntu; I have lots of goals here in Ubuntu aside from creating blog site using the hosting because official Ubuntu member have the discount in; so got to grab it.

  • Ubuntu Blogging that will help people to use Ubuntu. And other than that;

    Ubuntu I'm also planning to organize (again) a group of Ubuntu users here in Philippines since PH now here in Ubuntu are now most of the users are already inactive and

    Ubuntu Planning an Ubuntu Filipino website for all Filipino Ubuntu users. I do have lots of plans here.

    Ubuntu And to be more active here in Open Source Ubuntu Community.

I think these are very little things for now and I know we all start from small things then pursue to our big dreams when we got to the top of our plans. My biggest dream is to Make Open Source Operating System the ONLY Primary Server OS Worldwide.

Ubuntu Team Philippines LoCo

My biggest dream is to Make Open Source Operating System the ONLY Primary Server Operating System and to be also known Server Operating System Worldwide.


Give my life to Ubuntu and any other Open Source OS as long as I live and as long as I have the Internet and Electricity.


If you have something nice to say about me, please add it below: Awesome! B) And many Thanks! Smile :)

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