I help to translate Launchpad´s projects to Spanish like Ubuntu, I´m member of Ubuntu Spanish Translators. I test, report, and confirm bugs of Ubuntu Alpha, Beta and Release. Also I´m member of developer team of IDE for Vala and Genie language, Val(a)IDE I´m learning C++, Vala, Python, Ruby, and GNU/Linux commands. I help University´s proyects of Science ( and with Boinc

Ayudo a traducir los proyectos del Launchpad al español como Ubuntu, soy miembro de Ubuntu Spanish Translators. Compruebo, informo y confirmo fallos de Ubuntu Alpha, Beta y Release. También soy miembro del equipo de desarrolladores de IDE para el lenguaje Vala y Genie Val(a)IDE Estoy aprendiendo C++, Vala, Python, Ruby, y órdenes de GNU/Linux. Ayudo a proyectos universitarios de ciencias ( y con Boinc

BugSquad Mentorship Program I´m interested in applications which are the most used by casual users like the installer (ubiquity) web browser (firefox), desktop applications (GNOME), default Ubuntu applications (Update manager, Ubuntu software center, Ubuntu One) and update problems of any package (broken dependencies and other conflicts). My Time zone is: Europe/Madrid

More: Computing Engineering Degree; itinerary: Specific Computer Technology (second year)


  • Monkey's been a valuable and constant translator. He cares about quality, an has been constant in his work. I want to thank him for being such a nice team mate! -- fitoschido 2013-07-10 22:17:41, Ubuntu Member and Spanish Translator

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