ubunt will have several unified and clear defined frameworks which serve for the data communication between the cloud efforts, the user interface improvements and the idea of 'social from start'. It would also improve user's freedom as he can use several different applications to get to the same results.

Release Note

It is mandatory.


there are mainly three reasons why:

  • with frameworks underlying the different gnome-applications all clouding efforts as in Ubuntu One will have clear interfaces to communicate with and therfor it might get easier to make bigger steps.
  • it would make the user expierence way more complete, as it would provide the use of the same data over several applications (no matter which one, so e.g. evolution integrates well with gtg, tomboy, calendar, the gnome-clock! and the cloud)
  • it would improve the efforts of Opportunistic Developers
  • (gnome is already making a big step)

User stories

  • Bob does not like the task-juggling with evolution and therefore uses gtg, since his boss likes to seee how much time bob uses on each tasks bob uses hamster (currently he has to enable certain plugins), but still he likes the user experience of gnome-clock. and as he loves to look over the rim of the volcano he plays around alot with different applications to see all the new achievements and paths different applications take (all his data is there to see and touch).
  • Susan is interested in developing small little applications, that try to integrate different services. As there are several clear frameworks for the ubuntu desktop she can go hackin on and does not need to incorporate the specifications of different libraries.
  • Marc is a busy Business-men and their company runs ubuntu. As he started to use it at home he became a great fan of the Ubunut One Cloud. As it comes that he regulary works on different computers, he would like to use only certain aspects of the cloud on certain computers. As the frameworks integrate well with the cloud services Marc is able to use different particular aspects of the cloud services on certain computers, so his private addressbook does not end up on his company`s notebook when he connects to ubuntu one while on a business trip.


I'm not so good in this but it is an idea


Certainly I would identify two different frameworks that would both enhance ubuntu/gnome UX.

productivity framework

this would take care of: notes, tasks, dates, alarms, contacts, zeitgeist, timetracking, gnome-pooper and provide the data to different applications.

commuications framework

this could provide one single way to different communication-services, as gwibber, empathy, mail, voip. This would benefit to the social at start efforts.


This section should describe a plan of action (the "how") to implement the changes discussed. Could include subsections like:

UI Changes

Should cover changes required to the UI, or specific UI that is required to implement this

Code Changes

Code changes should include an overview of what needs to change, and in some cases even the specific details.



  • data migration, if any
  • redirects from old URLs to new ones, if any
  • how users will be pointed to the new way of doing things, if necessary.

Test/Demo Plan

It's important that we are able to test new features, and demonstrate them to users. Use this section to describe a short plan that anybody can follow that demonstrates the feature is working. This can then be used during testing, and to show off after release. Please add an entry to for tracking test coverage.

This need not be added or completed until the specification is nearing beta.

Unresolved issues

alot since I'm not yet a real programmer, and the spec is not very filled, but probably with your help ?

BoF agenda and discussion

Use this section to take notes during the BoF; if you keep it in the approved spec, use it for summarising what was discussed and note any options that were rejected.


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