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Hello, my name is Alexander.

Nickname is Mortiy (which is PCGN transliteration of cyrillic Мортий (which phonetically sounds as Mortiĭ). This nick appeared 6 years ago as name for game character by variation of word mortal.

I'm ~22 years Ukrainian guy. Currently studying at Electronics faculty of NAU university and at same time working as web oriented developer coding on Perl, PHP and JavaScript.

I also have some knowledge of C++ and Java, but without professional experience.


First try of Ubuntu was ~4 years ago when I was totaly tired of unexplainable Windows' BSODs. :\

Now I have Ubuntu installed on both desktop and notebook, so I feel happy. :D


Currently I working on bugs triaging and traslating programs into Ukrainian (as member of ~ubuntu-l10n-uk group)

I wish to join at ~ubuntu-beginners-dev focus group helping community with coding and improving my professional skills.



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