Hello, My name is Angel I'm a 35 year old mother of 3 who loves to help people. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio.

My Ubuntu Story

Originally written July 10th, 2008

In October of 2007 I was perusing the web and came across Ubuntu, and found it quite interesting. It seemed like a neat Idea. I had considered trying to dual boot Redhat in the past but was always too scared for fear of screwing something up. Well for a while I just sort of read info and didn't install anything. At income tax time (approximately February of 2008 ) I bought a new Rig the most powerful computer I had ever owned (Specs listed above).

Somewhere in between my Ubuntu discovery and rig purchase I had read about virtualbox so now that I had a system I could actually run it on without tremendous lag I decided to give it a go. I found an article which walked me step by step through how to setup virtualbox with Ubuntu. At the time I believe it was Ubuntu 7.10. I really enjoyed the experience and I've since installed numerous Linux operating systems on virtualbox just to try them out, however I always come back to Ubuntu. Eventually I grew tired of the limitations you have when virtually running an operating system and decided to give dual booting a try on an older computer, and I loved it. Actually it wasn't a dual-boot I used Wubi and installed Ubuntu that way on my husbands computer. It was my first experience with compiz as you can't run that in virtualbox. I love how I'm able to completely customize my desktop experience without handing over more money to some third party company. The availability of software is also another plus, I love how if I need to be able to do something all I have to do is search the synaptic package manager and/or Google to find the features I'm looking for

The only reason at this point that I keep windows is for games (I really hope this changes I would love to see more big name game developers give love to Linux operating systems). I can pretty much do everything else on Ubuntu. Including working on my websites with dreamweaver thanks to wine. I also enjoy the speed I have Even the older computer feels fast again with Ubuntu running on it.

My number one reason for loving Ubuntu though is this. I did have some hardware issues initially when first dual-booting Ubuntu and I all I had to do was a few Google and forum searches to fix them. The community support is phenomenal, and in all the time I used windows (we're talking all the way back to the beginning here, my first computer had dosshell on it) I have never had the great sense of community and support that I get from the Ubuntu community!

So all in all I would say my experience has been quite positive and I look forward to many years of happy Ubuntu computing.



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I try to help as many people as possible either via IRC or in the Ubuntu forums. Though I can't say that I have contributed in a techinical manner (ie coding) I have contributed tutorials on getting things up and running on a fresh install, both via my blog as well as adding to tutorials already included in the wiki. My biggest contribution I would have to say is The Ubuntu Network (The Ubuntu Network on Launchpad) which was created as way for Lovers of Both Linux & FOSS to be social currently as of the time of this writing we have over 400 members.

Currently I am working with Ubuntu forum Moderators and other concerned forum members to create a Ubuntu Testimonials Team for more information please see this page.

Recently I was accepted as a member of The Ubuntu Beginners Team Recently I was asked to become a moderator on the Ubuntu forums and graciously accepted.

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