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Michael Terry

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Who I am

I'm a long-time open source developer. I work for Canonical in the OEM Services group (customizing images for OEM customers that want to pre-install Ubuntu). I maintain various upstream packages (xpad, gmult, deja-dup).

My Ubuntu story

My involvement

I've used Ubuntu since Warty, but not terribly seriously until Edgy. I considered myself an upstream man and never got involved in the packaging side of things until Canonical hired me in the spring of 2008.

Since then, I've immersed myself in packaging and gotten involved in all manner of things.

I also continue my Ubuntu work in my spare time, fixing bugs that I find in the development release and filing merges. I attend LoCo meetings and help out there.

I've attended UDS events since UDS Intrepid.

Examples of my work / Things I'm proud of

I maintained a list of packages I've worked on. That got too bothersome, so for recent work, maybe check my Launchpad list of uploaded packages.

I've done a lot of work on Ubiquity in the Karmic cycle. I've made the Timezone page use translations, merged oem-config into the ubiquity codebase, and added support for plugins (in the process re-architecting the core a bit to use plugins itself).

I've even begun doing MIRs, after being drafted because the team was figuratively underwater. I've only done a few so far though: 425615, 427576, 428793.

Areas of work

My work in the Canonical OEM group has led me all over the stack. From acpi events to installer fixes to resolution fixes for applications that don't fit on netbook screens.

I've also spent some time on the Foundations team. I've worked with them to simplify acpi-support, switch the default system logger to rsyslog, and re-architect the installer ubiquity.

But I'm more of a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none kind of developer. I've spent a lot of time early in the Karmic cycle doing merges and syncs for all sorts of packages.

I watch a few packages in particular for bugs and push updates if applicable: deja-dup, duplicity, librelp, rsyslog, ubiquity.

I love doing merges because there is always a chance to sync. With every sync, an angel gets its wings.

Things I could do better

I think I could be better with testing. Which seems like a blocker for MOTU, but... Smile :) What I mean is that I'll test something in one situation and assume it works in others all too often. This is why I love test suites. I just need to let myself slow down.

Plans for the future

Continue rocking. I think I have my work cut out for me, I just have to do more of it.

Eventually core-dev.

Get deja-dup (my pet user-friendly backup program) into the default install. Smile :)


What I like least in Ubuntu

It's still too technical! Some very common consumer-oriented stacks like Bluetooth and audio are often in flux and have bad user interactions. I'd like to see their UI rock harder. It's happening (we've decided to start porting audio abstraction libraries to pulse by default for example), it will just take time.


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Daniel Holbach (dholbach)

General feedback

I sponsored like 5-10 packages of Michael and was always very happy with the quality of his work. He has a thorough understanding of Ubuntu development and is quick to reply to any questions. He'd be a fine addition to the MOTU team. He tackled numerous problems, some very much non-trivial.

Specific Experiences of working together

Nicolas Valcarcel

General feedback

I work with Michael in Canonical's Custom Engineering group and i've seen his work on debian packaging there and have sponsored some of his work to ubuntu in the past, loong ago. The quality of his work is awesome, he is always very careful with everything and he is really highly technical skilled. Now that he is working more in the ubuntu development i consider he knows about the ubuntu processes enough to be an addition to the team.

Specific Experiences of working together

As i said i work with him inside the OEM Solutions group in canonical, where i have been able to follow his work and even help him or share knowledge all the time.

Areas of Improvement

No complains here Big Grin :)

Evan Dandrea

General feedback

I worked closely with Michael on a number of changes to the installer, including reviewing his merge of oem-config and ubiquity and his refactoring of ubiquity into a pluggable system, both of which were very large undertakings. In my experience his work has consistently been of high quality, and he is quick to discover and solve problems that arise in the course of development.

I think he would be a fantastic addition to the team.

Specific Experiences of working together

Martin Pitt

General feedback

I sponsored a handful of Michael's packages to Ubuntu, most of them merges at the beginning of the Karmic cycle, and some installer packages. They were done with great care and very well. I don't keep a record of the sponsoring bugs, so I can't give a list of them easily. I can probably manage to find them if it is important. +1 from me, I'd welcome Michael to the MOTU ranks.


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