About Me

My name is Nadeen. I am from Alexandria and I live in Ismailia, Egypt. Studying computer science at the Faculty of Computers & Informatics was my first intuition. I participated in TROSC Team (Technology Revolution Of Suez Canal) as a Linux Instructor making my own way through spreading the Open-Source world. That gave me the opportunity to give many Ubuntu sessions inside and outside my university. I co-created Linux Community team which is a dream came true. I did use many Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Fedora, Mint, Arch and openSUSE, but I’m in Love with Ubuntu. Now I am Trosc.Team Senior Member & Coordinator, an active member of Ubuntu-EG LoCo team, and Google choose me in the GWiTA (Google Women in Technology Ambassadors) Program.

My Contact Info

  • Launchpad:


    <Nadeen.fci AT gmail DOT com>

    Ubuntu email:

    <nadeen AT ubuntu DOT com>


    nspirit on


  • Ubuntu Taking a part in TROSC Team as Linux instructor.

    Ubuntu Gave sessions about open source and ubuntu in my collage.

    Ubuntu Gave session in SFD (Software Freedom Day) about opensource & Linux at faculty of engineering, Alexandria .

    Ubuntu Helping my colleagues to install ubuntu, and solving their problems.

    Ubuntu Gave a session in Information Technology school in Ismailia.

    Ubuntu Gave a session in E.G.C. School in Alexandria.

    Ubuntu Trying to Spread the knowledge of open source in schools and young students.

    Ubuntu Co-organized and instructor in the first workshop and ubuntu 12.04 release part in Ismailia, Pictures.

    Ubuntu Co-created Linux Community team.

    Ubuntu Active member in Ubuntu-EG LoCo team

    Ubuntu Attended ubuntu 11.10 release party in cairo.

Goals for 2012 & 2013

  • Ubuntu Create Linux Community.

    Ubuntu Become an Ambassador in GWITA (Google Women in Technology Ambassadors) program .

    Ubuntu Become Fedora Ambassador.

    Ubuntu Get a membership in Ubuntu-EG.

    Ubuntu Become an official Ubuntu Member

    Ubuntu Make sessions in other cities.

    Ubuntu Make sessions in schools.

    Ubuntu Become Linux Administrator.

    Ubuntu Make all my colleagues know about and/or use Linux.

Future Goals

  • Ubuntu Make "Egypt" a Linux User and to lead the open source into the MENA region.

    Ubuntu Create my own job.


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  • Nadeen actively organizes and participates in Ubuntu events, tries hard to help the LoCo grow and spread the word in area, and also she proactively takes initiatives and takes care of Ubuntu events there. She is an Ubuntu evangelist in Faculty of Computers & Informatics, Ismailia, and helps students migrate to F/LOSS everyday. I hope to see her introduces herself as Ubuntu member, she'll be a great addition. --ashams

  • I met Nadeen the first time in Oneiric Cairo University release party. She showed great enthusiasm and responsibility. She's proactive, dedicated and creative. She was the one who suggested having release parties in different Universities at the same time, and the result was having 6 release parties. I totally believe she deserves to be an Ubuntu Member. --thelinuxer

  • Nadeen is one of my best friends, I worked with her in the collage and we have a dream since the first year in the collage that we'll spread the Linux in our country. We held many sessions together one of them was Ubuntu 12.04 release party. She is a responsible person I am so proud of her and happy to work together :). --lovelyrose-mets-5

  • Nadeen is an active person who is addicted to open source in general and Linux specially, She is always helping new comers, always give solutions to problems, she is an active member on a lot of groups on Facebook, people always tag here asking for solutions. she learns python/gtk i can see she will be a great developer soon, also she is held a lot of linux/opensource sessions, we didn't meet in real life, but i can assure she is a great person, being an Ubuntu member will be such a motivation for her to do more and more and i consider it as a prize for her efforts --cseslam

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