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About Me

My name is Naveen Agarwal. I am currently doing engineering. I like to write programs on C/C++. I started using Ubuntu in Feb 2010 and found it interesting place for both general user and Developer.I am looking forward to contribute to Ubuntu Development and want to be part of Ubuntu Development Team.

My Involvement with the Ubuntu Community


I started my involvement with Ubuntu through Bug filing and triaging. As a beginner, I find it a great way to learn and know about various packages available in Ubuntu. I am part of bug squad team. My bug management details can be found at bugs.

Ubuntu Beginner Team

I am being mentored by Jacky Alcine Smile :) .He is helping me in developing my programming skills.
I am looking to be part of UBT team.
Work Done till now:

1. Project randy-qt

It is a password card generator. A password card is a small card you can keep in your wallet, which helps you pick very secure passwords for your online accounts. With the password card you do not have to remember the passwords, you just keep them with you, and even if your wallet does get stolen, the thief will still not know your actual passwords.
C++ and QT are used in the project.I have been helping in the development work of it. Other active developers are duanedesign and gaurav_pawaskar. More information can be found here.


I am part of Lubuntu team and currently focused to fix bugs on it. I am guided by Julien Lavergne for code & patch area. You can find more info related to lubuntu here. Currently I am working on lxpanel Bug-Fixing.


I found IRC to be a great place to share and learn from other members. I can be found as 'wolfpack(nick)' on these channels : #ubuntu-beginners-team, #ubuntu-beginners, #lubuntu and #lubuntu-offtopic

User Support

I will be looking to provide more user support as I get familiar with Ubuntu.


I have been encouraging people to use Ubuntu as a full time system. I help my friends in problem related to Ubuntu and try to fix them.

Goals for the Future

  • Learn packaging.
  • To be part of Ubuntu Development Team.
  • Earn Ubuntu Membership.


If you wish to describe any of my contributions to the Ubuntu Community, please feel free to do so below. Thank You.


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