About me

My human name is Salles, Jose F. and i have 55 years old. nethell is my nickname since 1995 to my personal and machine identification. I'm very interested in computers and systems at least 20 years, it's my work and my hobby. The Ubuntu GNU/Linux is my effective system since 2008, January and now i'm a contribuitor and translator in the Ubuntu Teams and a voluntary helper support in the Ubuntu-br LocoTeam to encourage more people to use Ubuntu.

Contact me on-line


  • Colaborating in mailing list Ubuntu-br, a new user in mailing list Kubuntu-br and colaborating in Translations Teams Ubuntu and LXDE.

Working on

  • Ubuntu Brazilian Translators in Launchpad and Ubuntu Brazilian Mailing List.

Next works

  • Work hard in the Ubuntu pt-br translations amd in the Ubuntu pt-br documentation, continue support for new Ubuntu users in mail list and facebook groups.


  • Thank's my old and new friends in the Ubuntu mailing lists, you are a winners.

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