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Nathan Handler


Illinois, USA



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nhandler on irc.freenode.net

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About Me

My name is Nathan Handler. I've been using Ubuntu since August of 2006, when I installed Dapper Drake. Since then, I have been active on the Ubuntu Forums and with development on Launchpad. I am currently running Ubuntu 8.10, Intrepid Ibex.


I've been an active member of the forums since I began using Ubuntu in August of 2006. During that time, I have gone from being the type of person who is always asking questions, to the type of person who answers them. Since I knew how aggravating it could be to not have your questions answered, I decided to join the Unanswered Posts Team. As a member, I attempt to answer questions that have not received any attention. I also tag these posts using the Unanswered Posts Team's tracker. This allows me to come back to questions that I attempt to resolve, and verify if my solution worked. It also allows me to request help from other team members if I am unable to resolve the issue. I am also a member of the Ubuntu Forums Beginners Team. As a member of this team, I try to help new users by answering their questions on the forums.

During the Gutsy development process, I decided to start giving back to the community by patching bugs. Emmet Hikory (persia) helped teach me the basics of patching bugs. Thanks to his patience, I was able to successfully patch several bugs prior to Gutsy's release.

I was unable to participate in the development process of Hardy because of school.

For the first part of the Intrepid development cycle, I spent a lot of time syncing and merging packages from Debian. This was the first time I attempted to merge packages, and I really learned a lot. After the Debian Import Freeze, I started focusing my attention on patching bugs. During this development cycle, I was interviewed by Daniel Holbach during his Unsung Heroes… the Sponsoring Queue series.

I am a member of the 5-a-day team on Launchpad. This group provides me with a daily goal of fixing 5 bugs. I do not meet this goal every day, but it gives me something to work towards.

On Friday, June 13, 2008, I gave my first lecture. It was given on IRC, and it was about how to merge a package from Debian.

Goals/Plans For The Future

* To continue learning the various MOTU-related tasks

* Eventually, I hope to become a MOTU.


  • Nathan Handler is a sincere and dedicated member of the OSS community. His contributions are prominent and well appreciated. I've had great experience working with him at the UF_Beginners_Team. He has the potential and a positive attitude towards development and is fully entitled to become an Ubuntu Contributing Developer. -- Sayak_Banerjee_(glade88)

  • It has been my pleasure to work with Nathan Handler on the Beginners Team. Nathan is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. I support his application as a Ubuntu Contributing Developer and feel he will become a valued member of the development community. BodhiZazen