Hi there, my name is Njål Kollbotn, aka njalk aka j0lliyo. j0lliyo isn't really used anymore, but it was a handle I used back when I started getting into Ubuntu, so a lot of places, like Launchpad and UbuntuForums you will still find me under this nick.

I've been using Linux on and off since around the y2k, starting out with RedHat (can't remember the version number any more), then had a go at SUSE until I found Ubuntu sometime around 2006. I've been an Ubuntu-guy ever since, although on the server-side I still deal with a few other distributions.

In my earlier years I used to be quite active on UbuntuForums, but lately I've not been sharing and caring as much as I'd like, except through my website where I've been posting "notes-to-self" for when I run into issues and have to sort them out.

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