Neil Jagdish Patel

Email: <njpatel AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com> Launchpad: https://launchpad.net/~njpatel


I'm a software engineer living in Northwood, UK. I work for Canonical on customising Ubuntu desktop/mobile for OEMs. I am the author Ubuntu Netbook Remix, Avant Window Navigator and Affinity (among other things).


I addition to general work for Canonical, I work on

  • Ubuntu Netbook Remix - a mix of packages which help to convert a standard Ubuntu Desktop into a netbook desktop, with a special launcher/window-management/theme and task management. This is fully open source and is hosted on Launchpad. It is the main UI for Canonical's commercial offerings, and is also being used by other distributions for their netbook "spins".
  • I am involved with upstream GNOME with regards to user interface design and GNOME 3.0. I was invited to the recent GUI hackfest for
    • determining ideas for the future of GNOME (which effects Ubuntu, of course).
  • I attend UDS to take part in the decisions for the desktop and mobile versions of Ubuntu. I attended the Intrepid UDS and am also
    • attending the Jaunty UDS this December.
  • Avant Window Navigator - I am the lead developer of this dock/panel which is very popular among Ubuntu users.
  • I was responsible for updating the clutter packages for Ubuntu Hardy, and also making sure Intrepid had 0.8.

Plans for the future

  • Continue to work on and develop a large community around Ubuntu Netbook Remix (UNR). The packages are now in Intrepid, and so i hope to also provide up-to-date packages in the PPA for users.
  • Hope to work on making a UNR live CD/USB for people to try on their netbooks and hopefully convince them to switch over.
  • I hope to continue my upstream contributions, specifically I am working on desktop-wide progress notifications, replacing gnome-panel and testing the limits of Gtk themeing. All this work will be carried out on Intrepid and hopefully some will find their way into Jaunty.
  • I hope to start attending llugs more often to try and get people interested in developing for Ubuntu and answering any questions they may have.


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