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         {*} Spread FLOSS philosophy
    {*} Improve Ubuntu-TN performance and integrate new active members

Naeil Zoueidi

————— [ About Me ] ————

[+] Linux user since January 2008, My name’s Naeîl Zoueidi aka Na3iL I’ve 21 years old Mandrake to Mandriva and Ubuntu user since April 2008.

[+] I joined Ubuntu-tn after 4 years as a regular member , I'm also a pentester and FOSS suporter Info (!)

[*] I love everything related to technology and information security and of course programming Big Grin :)

[-] my my gmail is naeilzoueidi [att] gmail [dot] com


————— [ /End ] ————–


  • Ubuntu Software Freedom Day 27/10/2013

    Ubuntu Education Freedom Day 19/01/2014

Future Goals

  • Ubuntu Being more and more involved in the Ubuntu-tn LoCo

    Ubuntu Prepare events with Ubuntu-tn

    Ubuntu Work with Tunisia loco Team to get to the level of approval.

    Ubuntu Start help with fixing bugs in some range of apps.

    Ubuntu I'd be very happy if, after 2 years, I could confidently say, I helped shaping the *Free* community in Tunisia!.

    Ubuntu Spread FLOSS philosophy

    Ubuntu Improve Ubuntu-TN performance and integrate new active members


  • Please add your Testimonial here. Many thanks for your support.

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