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 Heyy, I'm Naeîl Zoueidi aka Na3iL a Linux lov3r since January 2008, I’ve 21 years old , mandrake to Mandriva and Ubuntu user since April 2008.  Heyy, I'm Naeîl Zoueidi aka Na3iL a Linux lov3r since January 2008, I’ve 23 years old , mandrake to Mandriva and Ubuntu user since April 2008.

Thanks for visiting my page!

  • Heyy, I'm Naeîl Zoueidi aka Na3iL a Linux lov3r since January 2008, I’ve 23 years old , mandrake to Mandriva and Ubuntu user since April 2008.

Ubuntu I joined Ubuntu-TN after 4 years as a regular member.

Ubuntu I joined also Ubuntu-ps in 23 February 2014.

Ubuntu I'm a member of the Ubuntu GNOME team.

Ubuntu Member of StartUbuntu Ambassadors in 09 March 2014.

Ubuntu I'm founder and president of ISETchux which is a free software club based in ISET charguia on 20 September 2014

Ubuntu On December 3, 2015 I was approved as an Official Ubuntu Member during an IRC meeting with the Ubuntu Board Membership.

Ubuntu After almost a year I have been selected to be a part of the Ubuntu Board Membership.

I'm also a pentester and FOSS suporter Info (!) for that I love everything related to technology and information security and of course programming Big Grin :) and for sure helping others as long as I know what they are talking about Wink ;) .

I like to go out, advocate open-source, help others to jump to our community easily and safely. Big part of my brain keeps thinking of locos and newcomers, have no idea why?, but I like this and will put some work to grow that idea.


  • Ubuntu Improve Ubuntu-TN performance and integrate new active members.

    Ubuntu Help and Enthusiast the TN loco Team.

    Ubuntu Do my best to help and welcome other people to Ubuntu and Open-Source community.


  • Ubuntu Prepare events with Ubuntu-tn. (./)

    Ubuntu Triaging bugs for Ubuntu. (./)

    Ubuntu Understanding community better and work to help growing it. (./)


Events : Conferences, workshops, install parties and others

  • Na3iL

Most Ubuntu-TN events are listed on our Events page. You can find events details, reports, photos and blog links on

  • that page. Our monthly report may sometimes contain further details or information.

During these events I have worked with members of Ubuntu-TN community and sometimes with members of other FLOSS communities, organizations, universities and clubs. I am very thankful to everyone who contributed to these events in any way possible.

  • Ubuntu Software Freedom Day at Science Palace of Monastir 27/10/2013

  • - Discussion with the public about Ubuntu and FOSS, answering questions and encouraging the public to convert to Ubuntu and FOSS and staying at Ubuntu-TN Stand
    - Helping the main organisers of the event

  • Ubuntu Trophée du libre 14/02/2015

    - Staying at Ubuntu-TN Stand & Simple participation, taking photos. Photo album
    - Helping Ubuntu-tn LoCo team on listing our Events

    Ubuntu Install Party For the GDDD 21/01/2015

    - Discussion with students about Ubuntu and FOSS, help club Esprit Libre with installing Ubuntu and most important tools to the students

  • Ubuntu JLL : Journée des logiciels libres 07/10/2015

    - Discussion with the public about Ubuntu and FOSS, answering questions and encouraging the public to convert to Ubuntu and FOSS at FST
    - staying at Ubuntu-TN Stand

  • Ubuntu Software Freedom Day at ISET sousse 18/10/2015

    - Organization of the event
    - Staying at Ubuntu-TN Stand
    - Discussion with the public about Ubuntu & FOSS

In Community

  • Ubuntu Member of Lubuntu Global Team

    • - Create & translate 3 WiKi pages for Lubuntu in Arabic & French & this
      - Helping people in #lubuntu, #lubuntu-devel

    Ubuntu I advocate Open-Source and Ubuntu whenever possible.

    Ubuntu I've a deep passion to work with Ubuntu Tunisian loco team to spread the word through the country, whenever and wherever I can, I also try to enhance means of communication.

    Ubuntu Participate in drafting and validating WiKi pages for the ubuntu-tn Team

    Ubuntu Ubuntu Flash Coffee - Meeting IRL with Ubuntu-TN members


I was also present during other events organized by Tunisian communities and associations and other communities.
Instead of some projects and contributions I'd made in the F/OSS communities..

  • Ubuntu ISETchux Club

    • Opening Day Hello ISETchux

      • - Co-coordination and organisation of the event
        - Talking about ISETchux club & Ubuntu Philosophy

    • Install Party
      • - Talking about Daily Use of Ubuntu..
        - Installing Ubuntu to students

    • BE GEEK!
      • - Co-coordination and organisation of the event
        - Workshop about Security in Ubuntu

    Ubuntu CLLFSM "The Faculty of Science" Monastir

    • Education Freedom Day Tunisia 25/01/2015
      • - Simple participation, taking photos. Photo album

    Ubuntu Global Gam Jam Tunisia 31/01/2015

    • - Participating as a team developing an example of game using free software tool → Stencyl

      • - Installing Ubuntu to some other teams Awesome! B)

    Ubuntu TNwebdays 07 & 08/03/2015

    • - Participating as a team and develop an application mobile cross platform using free software tools like (LAMPP,Ubuntu 14.04 Gnome LTS as operating system,vi...)
      - A presentation for free software in 07/03/2015 and define the Ubuntu-TN community to the public
      - Stand for present ISETchux Club to the public

    Ubuntu Project Convert my Neighbours & my Friends to Linux - StartUbuntu

    • - Big supporter of the use of Free Software and follower of the philosophy of Open Source.

      • Since my contact with Ubuntu I'm doing my best to spread its ideology in my family and professional nearby.

      - This is the link for the project of convert my neighbours & my friends to Linux

    Ubuntu Ubuntu African Teams

    Ubuntu Project : Ubuntu Awesome Remix team

    Ubuntu Master & Member of LinuxPadawan Group

    • - being surrounded by such a good people who helps you whenever they can, I can assume that without Linux Padawan I wouldn't know all the helpful people that I'd know now since I joined it.
      Trying to help & learn in the same time (e.g in the IRC channel #linuxpadawan #phillw ). - Trying as much as I can to share & learn my skills to newcomers & Padawan members there.


Short Term Goals

  • Ubuntu Help My Family to completely migrate to Ubuntu and Free SW world(90% so far). (./)

    Ubuntu Work with Palestine loco team to get Up & Running.

Long Term Goals

  • Ubuntu Work with Tunisia loco Team to get to the level of approval. (./)

    Ubuntu Getting involved more & more with Ubuntu MOTU

    Ubuntu Work with Palestine loco Team to get to the level of approval.

    Ubuntu Start help with fixing bugs in some range of apps. (./)

    Ubuntu I'd be very happy if, after 4 years, I could confidently say, I helped shaping the *Free* community in TUNISIA!.

    • Ubuntu Being more and more involved in the Ubuntu-tn LoCo

      Ubuntu Spread FLOSS philosophy (./)



  • Ubuntu I created the 1st LUG in Tunisia known as (Tunisian GNU/Linux User Group), its members help newcomers to the community and show them the right path to contribute & getting involved to the FOSS.

    • - Owner/Moderator of the group on LP : here
      - Developing the website from the scratch : &&
      Inviting & teaching people who never heard about GNU/Linux distros the daily use of the simplest distribution *buntu

    Ubuntu My activities has grown more in real life than on the Internet, since I discovered GNU/Linux and Ubuntu, I decided to promote it wherever I go, I try as best as I can to convince people to try it, and install it.

    Ubuntu I offer all the people I convinced to install Ubuntu a technical support, maintenance in case of problems, and I help them to learn and use it better, for free of course.

    Ubuntu Assisting non Ubuntu users migrate to Ubuntu

On The Web

  • Ubuntu I participate actively on IRC channels to help users who search for help, I'm often present in #ubuntu-tn , #ubuntu-ps , #ubuntu-eg #ubuntu-dz , #ubuntu-ma and many other channels on Freenode like #ubuntu+1 and #ubuntu-gnome ..

    Ubuntu I try to help francophones who post their bugs on Launchpad.

    Ubuntu I give help on forums, facebook groups.


  • Please add your Testimonial here. Many thanks for your support.

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