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About Me

I've been a member of the Ubuntu Forums since the Feb 2007 and I am a Member of the Beginners Team, and the Unanswered Posts team. As of 7/22/08 I have been given a great honor of being a Moderator on the forums and Thanks to the community.


I am often found in the Forums helping new users as a part of the Beginners and Unanswered Post Teams. I mainly participate in the Absolute Beginners forum as well as the General, Hardware & Laptops, Installation & Upgrades categories.


I contribute to the Ubuntu Forums whenever I can, and try and help out on IRC with the Beginners/Unanswered Posts Teams. As well as this I promote Ubuntu to friends and Family,

  • within my community.

Ubuntu Forums



I'm often found on IRC on irc.freenode.net - Channels I'm usually in when I'm on are:

  • #ubuntuforums-beginners
  • #ubuntuforums-unanswered

My launchpad profile is ~mpp2085


<Enter Yours Here> ...


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