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My name is Jimmy Harris. I am an Application Engineer for a company that distributes management software for school districts within the US and Canada. Most of my job involves systems administration, project management and writing technical documentation.

I live in Orlando, Florida. I enjoy spending all of the time I can with my two sweet baby girls. Other than that I am busy with Ubuntu, music and exploring great wine.

I have been using Ubuntu since the release of 5.04 Hoary Hedgehog. Since then I have truly made Ubuntu an undeniable part of my life. I am committed to the Ubuntu Community at large and advocating the use of Ubuntu within my community.




  • In pursuit of the LPI and UCP certifications.
  • Self study many other system administration and some programming technologies.

Member Of

Ubuntu Ubuntu FloridaTeam

Ubuntu Ubuntu US Teams Mentor

Ubuntu Ubuntu Member


  • Mentor more Ubuntu LoCo Teams.

  • Get more in touch with and advocate to the the Ubuntu user base through the Ubuntu FloridaTeam and US Teams.

  • Coordinate more events for the Ubuntu FloridaTeam.

  • Become an Ubuntu Member.


Jimmy Harris is a great asset for Ubuntu and the Florida Local Community Team. He has been the Team Contact and organizer for all events the Florida Team has taken part of in Orlando. He has made a great effort to attend every team meeting we've had since the begining, and has provided the team with very good ideas on how and where we can make improvements. He has not done this in a critical way, but genuinely in efforts to help improve the team overall. He is involved with other Ubuntu Projects and is a great contributor for all of those other teams. Another really cool thing about Jimmy, He is Florida Team's resident DJ, and represented the Team DJ'ing for the Florida Linux Show earlier this year. With outstanding members like Jimmy it's no wonder LoCo's Rule! I would highly recommend Jimmy as an Ubuntu Member, without hesitation. -- itnet7 2009-05-20 03:47:06

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