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About Me

After a several years being far away from Linux and Open Source, I started researching for a modern Linux distribution. I discovered Debian and started playing with it. Although very nice, the moment that I tried Ubuntu, I was sold. Today I'm almost use exclusively Ubuntu (except for some occasional and casual Windows gaming).


I am a B.S. in Computer Science working now as a tech and business consultant. I started early in my career as a system administrator of several Unix-ish servers (SunOS, Ultrix and AIX). I was very lucky to form part of the team that introduce Internet to Chile. I worked as the CL domain manager for a couple of years.

Later, I did a big switch and started developing workflow applications, project manager and application design. For many years I worked as a consultant doing re-engineering, and design and mobilization of new practices around new technologies.


I am a amateur musician. I play electric guitar, and I've been part of several bands. At one point of my life, I decided to take my hobby seriously, quit my job, and play music exclusively for 2 years. I joined a band, and then formed a my own. As a result of that, I recorded a couple of independent albums.


I'm originally from Chile, but I've moved quite a lot. I lived in Mexico for 12 years. I'm currently living in Dallas, TX. My avatar is, indeed, a picture of my dog, Bingo.

Ubuntu Participation


I joined the forums more that 3 years ago, and I consider myself a pretty active forumer. I've never had any infraction or warning.

I enjoy sharing experiences and knowledge about Open Source and Linux. When I decide to help another user, I always make the effort to “understand” his/her concerns as much as possible before writing a reply.

When I think I got it, I try to be helpful by taking my time and writing a replay that not only can be understood, but be useful for other people browsing the forums. Also, I reckon sometimes is difficult to express your ideas in a helping mood using written text, so I always try to be polite.

I think Ubuntu's greatest asset is its community. However, the forum's civility is on a league of its own. I admire how it is kept and promote by the admins and moderators.


As a wanted to participate a little more deep I created my Launchpad account to both report those little bugs that I encountered. Not as much as the forums, but I keep an active participation there too.

I have signed the Ubuntu Code of Conduct.

Team Memberships

None yet, but I'm hoping to became an Ubuntu Member.

Future Plans & Projects

I have in mind a few guides and howtos for the forums:

Ubuntu A Series of basic guides on how to access your home computer/files from the Internet:

  • Ubuntu Basics of openssh-server and port forwarding.

    Ubuntu ssh/sftp Windows and linux clients.

Ubuntu How to set up and use transmission-daemon.



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