Parcellite ' s features

Entering items ( Pasting )

Current default method of entering Items from parcellite's list is to select the Item from the list and then paste


  • (i) Key = A configurable Key / key combination



(o) For pasting nth item

Key + n

To paste 2nd item - Control + 2

(o) Serial Mode

On Pasting one Item , the item just below it gain focus and have to be pasted subsequently

(o) Group Mode

Selected multiple items from parcellite and paste them combined , in the order of selection
If the items are text , add option to paste them as a table or separate lines

Allow this for both Files and text


There are mainly two types of contents in the clipboard

  • 1 . Those with their content in the clip-board
    2 . Those with a symbolic Link to a file


  • (o) Allow exporting / importing of the first type of contents ; Just like a note - taker .

Separate Single item Clip board

User may not like all of the copied items going to the list ; So


  • (o) A separate Key / Key combination to copy /cut or paste from parcellite .



  • (o) Show a preview of the content , near the system-tray ; Like that of SCIM .
    (o) Mouse scoll event over this previw should be used for selecting the Items

Inteligent Actions


  • (o) Some optional Application Specific Actions like

    • (o) Open URLs in Browser when copied
      (o) Disable incompatible contents . Example : Disable picture contents when gedit is focused .

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