Contact Information

  • Email: philip.johnsson at gmail dot com

  • Jabber: philip.johnsson at gmail dot com

  • IRC: Philip5 @ freenode

  • Launchpad: ~Philip5

About Me

My name is Philip Johnsson and I live in Uppsala, Sweden. I'm an official Ubuntu member since early 2010. I started using Linux in 1997 and started out with Redhat 4.1, left Redhat to use Mandrake in 2002 and after that turned to Kubuntu in 2006 (Dapper) and stayed in the (K)Ubuntu camp as an active user since.

In my spare time I contribute with my own PPA, which is more or less an experimental rolling release repository mainly for media, graphic and music apps and their dependencies.

I'm an active OP in the Ubuntu Sweden LoCo teams IRC channel #ubuntu-se and actively contribute with support in the Swedish forum at the official Ubuntu Sweden LoCo site Ubuntu Sverige.

Future Plans

I hope to get even more involved in Ubuntu as a maintainer and contributor as a MOTU in the near feature.

Endorsment from Ulsak

In my opinion I think Philip is one of the most respected members of the Swedish Ubuntu Community. What make him earn that is his wast technical knowledge, the great contributions at the PPA-repositories and his insightful and kind support at the Swedish Loco site. Simply one of the best candidates to be an Ubuntu Member as I see it.

Endorsment from vulfgar

I agree completely with Ulsak. Philip is one of the best candidates to be an Ubuntu Member. He's always very nice and helpful, both in our forum and on the IRC channel and his PPA-repositories are very useful.

Cheers from Hund

Philip is a good fella, helping out in IRC and hi's contribution with the PPA is really appreciated by a lot of users from the Swedish LoCo. I think Philip is a worthy member.


Endorsement from AutoStatic

Philip has my support, especially his packaging skills are much appreciated.



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