Who is phineas? Where does he come from? What does he do? These questions are irrelevant to the matter at hand, however I shall answer them because I'm in the position to. Phineas, is me, I am him. Phineas comes from Nigeria, that's right, I'm nigerian. I'm a student, I don't do much, however but I run linux. I love ubuntu because of it's ease of use, it's simplicity with the most complex of computations. Unfortunately my life has taken a turn, of which has spun me 360 degrees, I don't do much yet I'm always occupied. I like the C programming language, I'm learning it, I must admit for a learner to programming as a whole, I'm slightly becoming efficent at it. There's not much to my story, what can I say, I'm a geek. Smile :)

More about me

I'm 18.

I'm a guy.

I've been running ubuntu for about a year.

I live and originate from Nigeria.

I'm a geek, and love everything tech.


I hope to start a project regarding ubuntu in yoruba, hausa and igbo. The three major Nigerian languages. Unfortunately I haven't really got many people along side me. However, with time all things are possible.

More soon


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