Application for membership to Ubuntu Documentation Committers team

(i) +1 from me, I'm looking forward to Peter's contributions and to having some drivers for the serverguide in future cycles. Matthew East

(i) +1 from me, too. Thanks for all your help during the last release, Peter, it has been really great to get some new eyes and a fresh pen on the serverguide. Connor Imes

Application for IRC #ubuntu-server operator

(i) I work with Peter from time to time on Ubuntu Server related issues, as we are both employed by Canonical and interested in making Ubuntu Server better. As an engineer, Peter is gifted and diligent, working hard to solve problems and producing great work. In addition, Peter would make a great operator for #ubuntu-server. He is always in channel answering questions and providing people with links to common questions. He often shows great patience even for those who have not taken the time to do their homework before asking questions. +1! Clint Byrum

(i) Peter is an active participant on the #ubuntu-server channel, and not only extremely helpful there, but also civil no matter what; additionally, I have seen his work on server-related incidents, and can attest he is (as Clint points above) indeed gifted and diligent. +1. hggdh2

Application for Ubuntu membership

(i) I know Peter primarily from #ubuntu-server, where he provides expert advice to our users; he has a very good grasp of finding the core issues someone is working with rather than taking their assumptions for granted, his advice shows the discipline earned from years of careful work, and he's polite and thoughtful even when difficult people are giving poor or misguided advice simultaneously. Peter is an asset to our community and would be a fine member of the Ubuntu project. seth-arnold

(i) My interaction with Peter has been via the Ubuntu-Docs team over the last few years. Peter has been the driver for the Official Ubuntu Serverguide since before my time. He created and maintains the serverguide quick-start and task list wiki page. He is also a doc committer, reviewing and committing merge proposals. There is a severe shortage of resources contributing to the serverguide, tending to increase the burden on Peter and myself. Peter's contribution to the Ubuntu community via the documentation team has been both substantial and sustained. dsmythies

(i) I have been working with Peter for more than four years. His expertise on Ubuntu and is availability in providing help to people, as well as his work with the Server Guide show a constant dedication to improving the Ubuntu experience. He is precise in his investigation and always willing to help. His experience on supporting Ubuntu goes a long way back. I think that his work on with the documentation team has been a welcomed help. He is the type of contributor that is very beneficial to the community and I think that he will continue to be an active member of our community. louis-bouchard

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