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I am an Ubuntu user and open source advocate as a hobby and main job. I help out new users as much as I can on the forums and on the irc. My irc nickname is indus, and forums nick is rajeev1204.

I work for a company which advocates the use of open source software, and I conduct various training programmes on ubuntu and open source software in general in and around India for not-for-profit groups. I am a programme manager for an international project called NGO IN A BOX , and I look after the Southern Asian region. This project is aimed towards helping non profit organizations migrate to open source software, thereby we train the organizations in migrating to Ubuntu and other tools. Our programme extends to nepal, srilanka and neighbouring countries.

I have conducted FOSS workshops for engineering colleges across India, and have also held beginners classes in the python programming language.






indus on irc.freenode.net


Rajeev Nair

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