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  • I am not a techie, only a simple Linux user that enjoys sharing my limited knowledge of Ubuntu and FOSS with others. All of my computer experience came after I retired from a career in the United States Army. Like many people I was introduced to the computer world via Microsoft Windows. A complete stranger handed me a disk with Ubuntu 6.06 on it and I was intrigued. By the release of Hardy Heron, 8.04, I was a Microsoft free Ubuntu user. I continued to use Ubuntu until I switched to Lubuntu in 2010 (10.10) before Lubuntu was even recognized as an official “flavor”. It became and still is my Operating System of choice. Although retired, I stay active by participating in state-wide and local Linux groups as well as contribute to several forums.



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Member/contributor Launchpad since 30 August 2008 Contributor Ubuntu forums since 10 February 2009 Contributor/global moderator/administrator LXDE forum since 27 August 2011 Contributor to Ask Ubuntu March 2014 Member/administrator Ubuntu Arizona Local Community since 29 March 2014 Has run AZLOCO Team on line IRC meetings Presents the Team events/activities at the weekly Team meetings. Maintains Arizona LUG and Linux Special Interest Group points of contact for AZLOCO and presents their activities/events weekly at the Team meetings. Has provided assistance to the Ubuntu New Mexico Local Community in attempt to re-energize their Team Maintains the AZLOCO and LUG calendars for the AZLOCO web site Assists in maintaining/editing the AZLOCO web site Assists in maintaining/editing the AZLOCO Ubuntu wiki pages Responsible individual for submitting monthly reports to the Ubuntu LoCo Council Responsible for organizing and running the monthly Sierra Vista Ubuntu Hour for 23 consecutive months Participated in two Global Jams (Ubuntu 15.04 and 15.10) Attends the semi-monthly AZLOCO/PLUG installation-festival when feasible. Participated in updating the documentation for the re-validation of the AZLOCO Team (September 2015) Responsible for maintaining the Team event/meeting portal. Co-founder/member Cochise Linux User Group (Cochise County, Arizona) since 20 August 2015 Responsible for planning and conducting semi-monthly meetings Responsible for maintaining the Group mailing list Responsible for scheduling presentations for the Group. Responsible for liaising with the University of Arizona South for classroom space and the Sierra Vista public library for a conference room to conduct our meetings Gave presentations on Introduction to Linux (Sierra Vista, AZ 2015 and Kingman, AZ 2016) Spends 5-10 hours a day on forums and in Ubuntu or LUG related IRC channels FUTURE GOALS:

Continue to make contributions to my forums. Present a positive leadership roll model in both the Ubuntu Arizona Local Community and the Cochise Linux User Group. Actively spread the recognition and use of Ubuntu in my local community and state-wide through the use of information booths and participation in community events. Develop a standard Linux presentation to be given to high school/middle school computer clubs in the state in general and Cochise County Arizona in particular to arouse their interest in a Linux Operating System for their personal computers. Our future depends upon youth. Continue to follow the Ubuntu Code of Conduct.