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= Who I am = == Who I am ==
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= My Ubuntu Story = == My Ubuntu Story ==
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== My Involvement == === My Involvement ===
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== Things I am Proud Of == === Things I am Proud Of ===
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== Areas of work == === Areas of work ===
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== Things I could do better == === Things I could do better ===
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= What I like least in Ubuntu = == What I like least in Ubuntu ==

Who I am

  • My name is Shailendra Singh. Presently I am working as a web developer in Unison Techno Solution.

My Ubuntu Story

Now its almost 2 years since I am using Linux on my Single OS desktop. Previously I have used Fedora , Suse but after switching to Ubuntu I felt like its has so much to offer and Linux is now a user friendly OS. Want to thank all the support sites specially working on Ubuntu Project. Ubuntu is in great demand considering the market and will soon take over all other desktop versions.

I also want to contribute to Ubuntu community as developer.

My Involvement

I am a big time supporter of Open Source and Open Source Projects. Its a high time to delete all those Patents and trademarks as its a Open World and everybody must let free to do what ever they want.

Things I am Proud Of

I am proud of using Linux as a OS and the only OS in my system from 2 years and since then I did not encounter with any Virus Problem and I Fell proud of using Linux

Areas of work

During my final semester project of Master Of Computer Application curriculum i got an opportunity to work for NOVELLs' Open source initiation called NOSIP. There I have got exposure to repository SVN, with GTK+, GDB and Open source technology based interface designers.

Things I could do better

I can do things which I am interested in and that is open source.

What I like least in Ubuntu

I personally don't feel the orange theme color of ubuntu.

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